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「Why do I have to dress up as a woman !?」

『Asahi Kirisaki』 wanted to keep a public bath named 『Himenoyu』 alivethat had been run by a hospitalized grandmother.
However, Himenoyu has the basic rules that 『At the Attendant’s Booth, a woman should sit』.
In addition, he happened to see the part-time worker “Chika Kirie” while taking the shower.
Prompted by his sister 『Jun Kirisaki』, Asahi decided to dress up as a woman.
And he resumed the business of the Sento with Chika.

「Why don't you take a bath together? It feels really good.」

Chika who thought him a girl tried to close to him.
Asahi who desperately tried to hide his identity.
The slapstick love story of two people that begins with a misunderstanding opens the curtain.


  • Asahi Kirisaki
  • Chika Kirie
  • Jun Kirisaki
  • Sumi Iwakura

Okay. I'm dressed up as a woman ...

Asahi Kirisaki

Hana Akino

During his Grandma’s hospitalization, he began to help to run the public bath. He is dressed up as a woman, but he is a decent boy. He is honest and very caring, and he can't leave the troubled person alone. On the one hand he is sensible, but is a little detail-oriented.

His parents are now abroad and he lives with hiselder sister who is much older than him. He is in charge of housework on behalf of his insensitive sister. He heard that the public bath run by his Grandma couldn't continue. He wanted to do something about it, then he began to move positively on his own. He likes Chika, a part-time worker he meets in hisSento. Because he is dressed up as a woman, he thinks he cannot convey his affection.

「Why don't you take a bath together? It feels really good.」

Chika Kirie

Kusuhara Yui

She has been working part-time in the Sento before Asahi came. She has a honest, gentle and modest personality. She doesn't get very angry, but she shows her emotions openly. Because the bath of her home is broken, she takes Himenoyu the end of her work.

She has a family-like relationship with Asahi's Grandma, Shealso has a special feeling for public baths and she hopes to have run this Sento. She doesn't know Asahi as a man and as he's the same age She is happy that she has made good friends to talk to.

「If you get here, prepare yourself for the worst! You're a man, aren’t you?! Dress up as a woman!」

Jun Kirisaki


Asahi's elder sister who is much older than him.

She has good communication skills and takes good care of her juniors. She is friendly and open to everyone. However, it is an outward-looking face and she is a little harsh to her younger brother.

「Asahi-chan, you’ve become so cute...heheh.」

Sumi Iwakura


Asahi and Jun's Grandma. She runs a public bath "Himenoyu" alone, But she hurts her back and legs and is hospitalized.

She thinks it's difficult for her to continue to run a public bath because of her age, Knowing that her grandchildren would take over the operation while she is in the hospital, She is delighted from the bottom of her heart.



Hot“Sento Girls”and love
ADV that a boy runs a public bath dressed up as a woman
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【Switch Ver.】Jul.28,2022
【Steam Ver.】Sep.2,2022
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Character design
ALmic, futaro tsuji
Yuki, yanagiiro,Limemint